Culmination Entry #8

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Dear Journal,

There has been a slight change of plans in regards to the lecture portion of my culmination class. It seems that I was wrong when I said last post that last week was the last lecture. It turns out that next Friday will be it. I did made sure that my report is correct and speaking of reports, my project is really starting to take shape. The only thing is that since the next world is more futuristic than world 1, I have to find some future tilesets and add a moving background of the various worlds of Lyoko. For world 2, you’ll have to complete more since world 1 is just the beginning.

There is some good news as well. I’m feeling much better now and because of that, I’ll use Friday to work on my culmination project since I have already completed everything else for the time being. My poster is ready, my game still kicks ass, all the documentation looks good, and for everything else, I’m golden. Still, it doesn’t mean that I should slack off. I’ll do that when needed but for now, I have to continue my project as in I have to make up some new skills and parameters for the second world and its enemies. Plus, new weapons and armor to keep up. Farewell for now.


Your friend,

Virgilio Samo III

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