Culmination Entry #4

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Dear Journal,

I have great news to share with you. The first is that I now have access to free sprites and stuff thanks to myself signing up for the RPG Maker forums. I can collaborate with other users and post my prototype for others to play. So far, I have positive feedback on it and of course, some suggestions which I can address right away. All in all, I can see Derision heading into a positive direction and since copyright can’t lay a finger on me, I can use their content all I want because I already agreed to surrender my rights and not make money off it.

Professor King finally wrote back to me. I do appreciate him helping me out with a few links that I can use to enrich my game. Since he said that he couldn’t figure out where to go next, I made a game guide text document. I have made progress since the last time we spoke so I want to make sure that I have at least a boss battle in the end before I continue. That way, he can bask in its potential glory. The things I come up with sometimes…..I just wish that I had enough time to add more. Luckily, I can just work on the story and mechanics rather than larger tasks.

It is now been one month since I started my culmination class and already I am halfway done. I know that even after I am done with the lectures, I still have to do the major works such as completing my poster, meeting with my tech advisor, and setting up a room for presentation. It may sound scary at first but I know that I have to summon the energy to see it through. I’m tired, journal. After college, I’m taking a break. Until then, back to work for me. I’ll write you again soon.


Your friend,

Virgilio Samo III

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