Culmination Entry #2

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Dear Journal,

I’m baaaaaack. Did you miss me? Yes, I know I am a bit late but I am making excellent improvements and progress towards my game. I also got a bit of other work done and I finally met my technical advisor for the first time. He gave me some good feedback which I implemented right away. That’s one meeting down with only two more to go. Not only that, I GOT IT APPROVED!!! YEAH BABY, WOOOOOOOO!!!!! Somehow, I knew it would fly and that’s because I’m a *bleeping* genius. To this day, I still don’t know how I end up at those conclusions so I’m happy with that and I won’t complain about it.

For the game itself, I had to change the title because the name appears in several other games as well. I consulted the thesaurus for similar words for Parody. My research paid off and I found a word that is perfect for the game: Derision. Wow, even the name itself sent chills down my spine. Another thing I had to do is revise my documentation and replacing every mention of the old title with the new one. Once that’s done, I had uploaded the PDFs to my portfolio which completes part 1 of my project.

I started to make up the guide to my game on notepad that tells the player where to go or what to do. I won’t reveal much because it will cause my game to be too easy since the players now possess the knowledge to complete it. I will only include the important stuff like the answer to a code or something of that nature. I still feel that the introduction needs something and I have it. I can lure the player to the next area by having them acquire a key that will unlock the area they need to retrieve the artifact. No more spoilers until I develop a bit further so stay tuned.

Unfortunately, that is all I can spare at this time. There is still so much to do like that poster and I want to learn how to make it right the first time. Plus, I need to know how to make it. Is it physical? Digital? What is it? Anyway, I must depart so I will write you again next time.


Your friend,

Virgilio Samo III

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