Culmination Entry #1

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Dear Journal,

It is with great pleasure to have finally meet you at last. My name is Virgilio Samo III and I am here to present my project to you. It is a game where Copyright is the main concept and that there is a powerful lesson when you reached the end. Sounds simple, right? I will tell you that I do have my work cut for me so luckily, I got started last semester and it s well on its way to becoming a working, full-functioning game.

I finally got the introduction done since it was missing a few things here and there. I also finished the proposed game document and proposal and although it is taking the administration a long while to review it, I will still keep working despite this setback. Even if they do decide to reject it, I’m going forward with it anyway so that I can prove that RPG Maker MV is an excellent software to use for projects for those who are not so great at visual graphics like me. There are a TOOOOON of tutorials on it and it did take me a good week to learn most of them.

I really hope that I can finally get out of this college. I don’t hate my professors but I didn’t spend six years of my life to get *bleep* over just because I chose a project that wasn’t common in their university. I do have a good chance of passing but it will mean that I can’t have as much fun as I used to for a while. This is a commitment I have to make if I want to succeed.

Anyway, going back to MV, there are literally so many things I can do to it. I can add my own animations, make my own characters, add my own music, and even use plugins to enrich my project. Do you want to know a fun fact? Most developers who started on projects like mine often scrapped them on the first month. That is because you have to commit to your game and work hard to make that dream game a reality. Since I have four months to complete or make a part 1, I can always save and go back whenever I have a new idea, which is every day.

That’s all for now and again, it is great to meet you. I can’t wait to show you what I have for next week.


Your new friend,

Virgilio Samo III

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