My Happy Place!

New York has a lot of wonders and even though I travel a lot, to some extend, this city has beautiful aspects. I’ve explored New York City a lot, and some places have really stood out to me. However if i was to choose one, it will be 14 ST – Union Square. Not only that specific spot but also the surroundings of it. I love diversity and Union Square is a place in which a lot of diversity can be found.

In most places I’ve visited, New York City has been the only one with so much diversity, and it is best shown in Union Square. Whenever I need to calm down or have a laugh, or just walk around, Union Square is where I find myself. Not only is it beautiful, but it is surrounded by things to explore. It is a place where a person can shop, go to restaurants for a new taste, explore beautiful parks, see different kind people, and learn about different cultures.

In Union Square, I’ve actually seen many things. It is my favorite place in New York City because it is the only place in the whole city where I don’t actually feel like a stranger. Its a place where I could hang out with my friends and have a blast. its a place where i see great fashion. It’s my favorite place to shop in. Its a place where I could read, take my mind off of unhealthy things and just be me.

I also love the history of it. I find it amazing that it used to be a burial ground just like most parks in New York City, but it still fascinating. It also has statues of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Mohandas Gandhi, and Marquis de Lafayette to show respect and I’m a person who loves their history.

Most of all, I love this square because it is just beautiful, the first place I visited when I arrived in the U.S. on 2009, and where I made a lot of memories.