Discussion Questions ch. 2&3

Chapter 2

1. Describe the techniques and solutions used to aid in the wellbeing  of clients who were in distress.

Back in the middle ages techniques that were used trephining the skull, beating, chaining, starving and bleeding. As time when buy these techniques were improved drastically. scientific therapies and treatments were created and were not at all brutal and harmful to individuals.

2.Describe the evolution of human well-being services, from the middle ages to present day by individuals, professionals and society.

¬†¬†¬†¬† The evolution of human well-being services, from the middle ages to present day by individuals, professionals and society became increasingly modernized.¬†in the middle ages people believed that¬†mental illness were demonic and caused by evil spirits. There weren’t any treatment or medication that would be given. They believed that the only way¬†a person suffering from mental¬†illness would be healed by cutting a whole into their brain releasing the evil spirits.

 3.Describe how Obama-Care’s mission is to aid the well-being of Americans.

Obama Care’s mission to make sure every one can afford health care. A lot of less fortunate people were living without so Obama care was created to make sure they have the same opportunity as others.

4.Describe how social philosophies were promoted to aid in the well-being of clients/society.

Social philosophies were promoted by Individualism, Laissez-faire, and Social Darwinism. Individualism was observed America as the place where anything could happen, once you are willing to do some hard work. Laissez-faire¬†didn’t really¬†promote well-being because the government took little interest in the less fortunate. lastly, Social Darwinism believes that those who are less compatible will not achieve and those who are very compatible will.

5.Describe how the mental health movement promoted the wellbeing of clients/society.

The mental health movement promoted well being because back in the middle ages people were treated very brutally. Pioneers such as Dr. Benjamin Rush and Dorothea Dix  fought for this horrible treatments to stop and be raised to a scientific level of study.

6.Describe how the human service movement promoted the well being of clients/society.

The human service movement promoted well being because it created opportunities for many to go into the study of mental health and become metal health workers. For clients this would be very beneficial to them because they would be able to get more help.

7.Describe how entitlement benefits (Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare) promote the well-being of individuals/society.

These three entitlement benefits promote well being by individuals and society being open to more opportunities. Medicaid gives certain states grants that will¬†support them in helping people receive medical and hospital¬†care. Medicare promotes well being for the elderly by providing them with health insurance, and welfare promotes well being because it supports someone’s happiness and health.

8.Describe how legislation promotes the well-being of individuals/society.

Legislation promotes wellbeing for individuals and society because it help open many federal involvements in human services. It created a passage of a prescription drug act, increased the support of faith-based human services, and health care reform.


1.Describe how the trends of technology, in the field of human services, are attempting to aid a client’s well-being.

In the field of technology the trends of technology are attempting to aid a clients well being because it is used to provide more efficient and effective service. It is also attempting because they want to provide access of technology to those who limited. Using technology in the field of human services will help professionals do there job in a more standard way.

2.Describe how technology can promote well-being in professional development for human service workers and ultimately clients

it can promote well being in professional development for human service workers and ultimately clients because it makes the information they receive and the information that they already have more secure. Instead of having a whole bunch of folders and files of a client a human service professional can easier keep track and organize information  by storing it in a computer. professionals can also easily access information about what is going on in the human services field around the world and also can research more ways in which they can increase their knowledge and skill.

3.Describe what managed care is, and how it promotes client wellbeing.

Managed care is when methods are created for professionals t follow in order to manage resources and to deliver proper human services to clients. Managed care is mostly promoted to be used in the area of health care and mental health.

4.Describe some of the limitations of managed care and how it can impact on well-being.

Some  limitations of managed care is when a client is given the least amount of care and giving a client the least amount of treatment as possible. instead of giving an individual the most care as possible, they are given the minimum amount.

5.Describe what service delivery means and how it promotes wellbeing.

Service delivery is when professionals use proper ethics and standards to deal with a client. In order to give good service delivery you have to be well knowledgeable of your client and mainly your job.

6.Describe how human service professionals pay attention to various groups in order to promote well-being of specific populations.

When a human service professional pay attention to various groups it gives them different views on what is going on around the world. it promotes the well being of specific populations because when you are dealing with these population you already obtained information that will help you deliver proper service.

7.Describe how what is happening internationally promotes or hinders the well-being of US citizens.

Countries are becoming very over populated and doesn’t contain the service needed. Many suffer from mental illnesses and don’t have the support that is needed to help cure them

8.Describe how the concept of ‚Äúteaching a man to fish‚ÄĚ promotes well-being.

The concept “teaching a man to fish simply means that a professional should not d all the work for a client but to teach the client how to help themselves. If you do everything for an individual it will not benefit them. When they learn how to care for themselves even after they are put on their own they will be to stand on their own two feet.

9.Describe how cultural competency can promote well-being.

Cultural competency can promote well-being because as a human professional you must always be diverse and always open to different kinds of people. As a human service professional you are not designated to one culture or one race, you are open to everyone.