chp 9 questions – HUS


Describe how the human services code of ethics initiates , guides, and promotes a clinical arena for professional and clients well being.

– For starters the Code of Ethics helps make clear what the responsibility’s are from the professional to the client.The Code of Ethics include stating the goal and aims of the profession. For example helping and providing guidance to the client making the client feel safe and protected .

Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to clients promotes well being.

– The responsibility a professional has is to help the client develop into there goal and keep them away from any potential harm. But not only is there responsibility but there’s also obligations . Their obligated to give high quality service , depending what the professional was trained to deliver. No client can be turned away and especially not thinking their a lost cause .

Describe how the human services professional’s responsibility to the community and society promote well being.

– The code of ethics states that the professional must learn awareness, understanding and skill,being able to respect and accept and have appreciation for human beings . All members of society have the right to be given such services without being discriminated or preference. Each human services professional has the knowledge of the different cultures in the community in which they have there practice in. This Knowledge benefits both the clients within the community and the professional so that the well being of the client is more concentrated on then having to see things in the client that have no relevancy at all to what is trying to be achieved.

Describe how the human services professional responsibility to the profession promote well being for the clients.

– Knowing what the policies of the profession are helps not only give the client the quality of service the client deserves but also for keeping your practice going , in other words keeping your job 🙂 ! The profession has alot to do with keeping with the confidentiality agreement between you and the client , if the client chooses to keep it all confidential . This helps with the whole trust thing because if there’s no trust the client won’t really open up to you and it would make it more difficult for you as a professional to help give guidance in there treatment.

Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to  colleagues promote well being for the client.

– From what is stated in the textbook there are organizations that have issued behavior codes that are expected of their memberships. These codes give guidance about helper’s responsibility to employer’s and colleagues in the profession. Also the code of ethics states the helpers first responsibility is to enhance and protect a clients welfare. For example informal discipline which has to do with communication of a professional and a colleague when discussing a clients referral . So this helps the clients well being because it gives them that reassurance that they know their being cared for in a professional matter.

Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to self promote well being to the client.

– First things first you cant get personal with a client. If anything that would affect the clients well being because it would intervene with the clients treatment. Its always important to keep your personal life away from your professional life  . Becoming to intimate with a client does not help because then they will not see you as a professional they would see you as like one of there own friends and not take your guidance seriously which would not help them at all .