Lilisbeth Castillo


This was my last day in the Dominican Republic this summer.

Hello my name is Lilisbeth Castillo I prefer if people call me Lili because it’s just easier and they won’t mess up my actual name. I’m 17 soon to be 18 in October I have a younger brother and older sister I will soon be an auntie. I have two dogs and three cats. So much going on in the family. Besides that while I was in high school my interests were in playing sports such as softball and volleyball which I enjoyed very much and became good at. I like to go to the beach, spending time with the family, going to adventure parks and going on trips to the Dominican Republic. During my summer I went to the Dominican Republic where I went to parties and spent time with the family. Than the rest of my summer was spent here working at my parents store on sundays and going to the beach and hanging out.

Being in City Tech for my first year experience I want it to go smoothly. I want to have many opportunities to really go deep into Human Services to become a social worker for kids who need the opportunity to get out of there homes if there not treated well. To help those kids who are in need. Because listening to how some kids get treated in there homes breaks my heart to think how bad they have life and how I could possibly help them. That’s what I want to start getting out of being in City Tech.

My weakness in writing sometimes is not having as much things to write about if I feel I already said everything I could,or my verbal tenses which I miss out on sometimes. My strengths in writing is breaking down a theme to different topics to write about I can do that a little bit better. I enjoy that I can write about things that pop in my head. I dislike the fact that writing sometimes has to be really long and I don’t find much to keep talking about and I feel that I repeat on and on. My sense of Happiness is to always feel good about yourself and to have a good self-esteem. Also to have people that care about you like a boyfriend or family makes you happy and to feel loved. For this course I hope to get a better understanding of how people feel and to dig deep into different words.