Wiki Assignment

Choose one designer or architect to research. Find three legitimate sources of information (book, published magazine, newspaper, or journal article, educational website or OER) for information. Write at least three-paragraphs about the individual’s work in live performance and theater. Do not include information about any other aspect of their work or lives. Must be written in your own words. Incorporate images. Include bibliography of three legitimate sources at the bottom of the Wiki page. Citations must be complete and fully formatted.

Ming Cho Lee

Steele Mackay

Adolphe Appia

Es Devlin

Liz Diller

Boris Volkov

Duke of Saxe-Meiningen

Frank Gehry

Sebastiano Serlio

Nicola Sabbattini

Fillipo Brunelleschi

Richard Wagner

Bob Crowley

Ariane Mnouchkine 

Robert Edmond Jones 

Boris Aronson

Inigo Jones

Giacomo Torelli

Max Reinhardt

Edwin Piscator

Bernard Tschumi

Charles Kean 

Margery Kellogg

David Belasco

Julie Taymor 

Walter Gropius

Philip de Loutherbourg

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