Make a Wayang Kulit puppet

Watch the UNESCO video about Wayang Kulit. Near the end of the clip, you will see a warrior puppet kill a demon character with an arrow. You need to recreate a scene from the video clip (no sound, puppet work only). 

Work with your partner. Each of you will make one simple puppet. One of you will make the Arjuna Warrior puppet and the other will make the Jogormanik Demon puppet, and an arrow. Print out the images of the puppets, add any color you think is appropriate, paste the separate parts of each puppet on cardboard so the puppet stays erect, and then attach the arms and sticks using brads and tape.

You need the following supplies: scissors, a few brads, three sticks (one long stick for the body of the puppet and two slightly shorter sticks for the arms – wooden chopsticks and/or shish-kabob skewers work well), hole punch, masking tape, coloring pencils, cardboard, glue.

I will have a shadow puppet screen and light set up in the classroom. You and your partner simply need to act out the shooting of the demon and death scene from the video clip. You don’t need music, but you should try to copy the scene from the video as accurately as possible. Practice the scene before class. You will be graded on the accuracy of the performance and the quality of the puppet (sturdiness, usability, articulating arms, artistic quality).