Sketching: Guidelines, Rubric, and List of Required Sketches


  • Work on paper that is made for sketching. Pads should be at least 8×10″. Use sketching pencils (3b, 4b, 5b). No pens.
  • Determine first if the image is in 1 point perspective, 2 point perspective or orthogonal. Proceed accordingly.
  • Do not use a ruler, except to establish a horizon line. The point of this exercise is to practice and improve hand control over the course of the semester. This cannot be done while using a ruler.
  • Do not use digital drawing software.
  • When you begin, relax your hand and sketch quickly when establishing the main sections of the building. Make sure the major structures are in proportion before drawing detail.
  • Take advantage of sketching tutorials in Resources folder on OpenLab.


  • Show improvement over the course of the semester, from one sketch to the next
  • Ask for help from the instructor; share early drafts for feedback
  • Follow requirements for each sketch
    • One or two point perspective, or orthogonal
    • Give each sketch a title and add your name
    • Make sure you select correct orientation of page (horizontal when a wide image, vertical for narrow and tall)
    • Shading when requested
    • Provide scale figure (human) when requested

Required Sketches

Drawing tutorial

Serlio’s Tragic Stage

Hellenistic Theater at Priene (Greek Amphitheaters)

Appia’s Enchanted Forest

St. Ann’s Warehouse — outdoor setting

Barrel and Ribbed Arches (Romanesque and Gothic)

Kiesler’s stage

Brooklyn Museum visit sketch

City plan in the vicinity of your theatre

Theatre facade for research project

Sketch of interior element of theatre for research project