THE2280 History of Theater ID Fall 2019

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THE2280 History of Theater ID Fall 2019
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Architectural Technology, Humanities
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THE2280 ID
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Fall 2019
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A survey of the development of architectural and scenic styles in the physical structure of theatre from its beginnings in ancient Greece to its most current forms. Emphasis placed on the stylistic influences of theoreticians and artistic movements.

Interdisciplinary Option: This course is a conversation between theater history and architecture. As such, the work in class focuses on purpose-built and adapted spaces for live performance. Each week we will examine historical theatre spaces and technologies in the context of prevailing cultural and social forces in order to better understand audience/stage relationships. To fulfill the interdisciplinary requirements for this course, specialists from architecture, art history, and performance technology will guest lecture six times over the course of the semester.Students will learn skill-sets from architecture technology: GIS mapping and hand sketching.

Avatar image credit: Filippo Brunelleschi, Perspective Drawing for Church of Santo Spirito in Florence, 1428

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