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Field Trip : “Wonder” Exhibit at BHS

Favorite Photo By a student named Daniel Oliverio
Favorite Photo By a student named Daniel Oliverio

As we first walked through the hall of so many other beautiful photos displayed, I couldn’t stop staring at this one photo. So, obliviously it’s my favorite out of all of them. It reminded me of the Project#3 with the different values, Narrow, broad, high and low. This picture mostly shows to be a low/narrow value  (even though you can see a bit of green from the grass but whatever). It doesn’t seem to have the exact focal point because of the scattered coins, words/numbers and grass but I didn’t think the photographer wanted to show the exact focal point. I can’t assume in what he wanted to show. Also, I loved how the photo is zoomed in closely to show the dramatic impact on the tombstone.

More on the Bric Field Trip

I felt a connection towards this more than the other work. Just being in front of it face to face, made me a little emotional.
I felt a connection towards this more than the other work. Just being in front of it face to face, made me a little emotional.
Profspevack's work
i only took a pic of the drawings people heard inside it. It’s interesting how all of them are so different and what they heard.
My Drawing from what I heard ~
As I carefully listened, I mostly heard waterfalls at first and then it changed to the sound of rain. Also heard birds and crickets. But I didn’t really hear the bird as much.

Bric Field Trip :)

To be honest, I enjoyed this exhibit more than the Zine exhibit. It had a bunch of interesting and fun things to look at. I really connected with the chains that were hung up. That was the first thing I saw and felt the meaning. I was trying to read the info about it, but it was on the floor and it was sort of dirty. So I couldn’t read it that well. I like how it was shiny and beautfil with some huge rusted chains all tangled together. Sort of in a pattern I would say.

Anyway, as we went on with the tour,  I was intrigued with the new information I heard about the place, but I don’t know if I really be in that part of the department. But I was excited to be so close to that type technology and also the green screen! I don’t have much to say about it because like I said in the beginning of this paragraph, I wasn’t that into it. But it was an awesome experience.

Finally, went to see Professor Spevack’s work. I was stunned by the look of it inside & out. Sadly, I’m claustrophobic, so, I couldn’t experience staying in there in the dark and listen to the sounds more cleverly. But I got to go through it by having the door open with Professor Rosen. I was so calm with the door open because having it open helps me remember that I’m not sitting in a small space. I still got to listen carefully and was able to draw what I heard. I felt like I was in the middle of nature. Peaceful and calm.

This trip was amazing 🙂 I can’t for the other ones in the future.


Field Trip Reflection

This trip made me learn so much about how books and printing began and was made. Having to look around the first & second exhibits we went to, I really felt the meaning from every artwork.  How the artists put so much work and feeling into them, makes my heart stop. Also to stand there in person, makes a total differences if we looked at it from a video or tv. I enjoyed this trip 🙂 I can’t wait for the other trips in the future! it was very interesting and made me think more about my work.


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