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Completed Color Wheel

Took 3hrs to complete but I really needed to save paint for future work.
Took 3hrs to complete but I really needed to save paint for future work.


My first thought on this was honestly, “I have to use paint again”. I was sort of complaining to myself about using paint again, but I had to give in and accept the fact that I have to do this. I did enjoy mixing/experimenting the colors and feeling like I got he hang of it. My hands aren’t the most steadiest hands, which I find very annoying, but I try to not rush into it and try to stay a little neat. But you can find some parts on it that’s a bit messed up. Anyway, I’m just glad that I’ve finished the best I can. (I forgot to add the colors around the fish by the way.)

Value Range Research

I found this in that New Gallery near the class room.
Low Key. ~ I found this in that New Gallery near the class room.
i found this in this staircase on the 11th floor.
High key

My first photograph that I really grab my attention. It was in the new gallery that just created a mood that seemed dramatic and quiet. Overall the whole room seemed mostly around the broad range, but I chose to take a picture of the floor of the gallery. Even though there was light coming from the windows that reflect on the floor, it was still a low key example to use.

I was relieved to capture this particular picture in the staircase on the 11th floor. This is a picture of the wall and the radiator and in between them was shadow but there was lighter around them, so, it was  obviously  a perfect high key spot. Even the picture was easy to tell where the  sunlight was coming from that made this attract me so much more.


Bric Field Trip :)

To be honest, I enjoyed this exhibit more than the Zine exhibit. It had a bunch of interesting and fun things to look at. I really connected with the chains that were hung up. That was the first thing I saw and felt the meaning. I was trying to read the info about it, but it was on the floor and it was sort of dirty. So I couldn’t read it that well. I like how it was shiny and beautfil with some huge rusted chains all tangled together. Sort of in a pattern I would say.

Anyway, as we went on with the tour,  I was intrigued with the new information I heard about the place, but I don’t know if I really be in that part of the department. But I was excited to be so close to that type technology and also the green screen! I don’t have much to say about it because like I said in the beginning of this paragraph, I wasn’t that into it. But it was an awesome experience.

Finally, went to see Professor Spevack’s work. I was stunned by the look of it inside & out. Sadly, I’m claustrophobic, so, I couldn’t experience staying in there in the dark and listen to the sounds more cleverly. But I got to go through it by having the door open with Professor Rosen. I was so calm with the door open because having it open helps me remember that I’m not sitting in a small space. I still got to listen carefully and was able to draw what I heard. I felt like I was in the middle of nature. Peaceful and calm.

This trip was amazing 🙂 I can’t for the other ones in the future.