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Completed Color Wheel

Took 3hrs to complete but I really needed to save paint for future work.
Took 3hrs to complete but I really needed to save paint for future work.


My first thought on this was honestly, “I have to use paint again”. I was sort of complaining to myself about using paint again, but I had to give in and accept the fact that I have to do this. I did enjoy mixing/experimenting the colors and feeling like I got he hang of it. My hands aren’t the most steadiest hands, which I find very annoying, but I try to not rush into it and try to stay a little neat. But you can find some parts on it that’s a bit messed up. Anyway, I’m just glad that I’ve finished the best I can. (I forgot to add the colors around the fish by the way.)

Project#3: Assessment

I thought this project was really fun and exciting. Even though it took a lot of time thinking, it was worth it. As I was completing this project, I thought, “wow. I just painted and it looks pretty weird”. I didn’t enjoy painting at all honestly. The last time I’ve painted, was when I was five years old and doing it again now felt really awkward and nerve-racking. Anyway, I thought the collage parlors a real thinker because it was hard to think about what to make to be the focal point without using any body parts from my photo. But it was still fun to do. I’ve learned to just have fun with this project, not rush or think too hard about being perfect. But I thought I should did the painting better because it doesn’t look neat and rushed. Next time I’ll try to have a steady pace with my projects in the future and not think to hard.

Value Range Research

I found this in that New Gallery near the class room.
Low Key. ~ I found this in that New Gallery near the class room.
i found this in this staircase on the 11th floor.
High key

My first photograph that I really grab my attention. It was in the new gallery that just created a mood that seemed dramatic and quiet. Overall the whole room seemed mostly around the broad range, but I chose to take a picture of the floor of the gallery. Even though there was light coming from the windows that reflect on the floor, it was still a low key example to use.

I was relieved to capture this particular picture in the staircase on the 11th floor. This is a picture of the wall and the radiator and in between them was shadow but there was lighter around them, so, it was  obviously  a perfect high key spot. Even the picture was easy to tell where the  sunlight was coming from that made this attract me so much more.