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View From My Window : Assessment

I would like the start off with saying how frustrating that final work was to complete. I mean it was interesting and new to do in my opinion, but I’m a perfectionist so it was difficult for me to do it just right.

I was relieved to see how some of my classmates pointed out my work and gave me awesome and agreeable suggestions for it to improve a little more. But I was glad to hear that they liked it. To me, they were more of positive and honest feedbacks which is what I wanted to hear of course. Thanks for the suggestions and honest feedbacks!

View From My Window : Critique/Assessment

To be honest, I thought this project would be pretty easy to do at first, but as we started to really get things together, that turned my whole perspective around.

This is my first project in this class and it provides a lot of hard work and focus. I didn’t think it would be that hard. When I mean hard, I mean frustrating, but I guess that’s what art is suppose to be. It’s not always going to easy breezy. Shockingly I enjoyed the hard work (even though it took me 4 1/2 half hours to do the final work and made my hand & fingers cramp up) it was all worth it to get a decent grade.

I learned that things like this take patience and time to finish. Also, good planning each step successfully. I got to learn more about the economy and unity in my images that helped me see what belonged to makes everything come together as one, but also have less of the meaning to what it is. (Less is more).  Even the two famous words in he class, stable & amibigious. Those two would be the main vocabulary words I’m going to be using this semester.

I’m sort of excited for waits coming next!