Field Trip Reflection

This trip made me learn so much about how books and printing began and was made. Having to look around the first & second exhibits we went to, I really felt the meaning from every artwork.  How the artists put so much work and feeling into them, makes my heart stop. Also to stand there in person, makes a total differences if we looked at it from a video or tv. I enjoyed this trip 🙂 I can’t wait for the other trips in the future! it was very interesting and made me think more about my work.

One thought on “Field Trip Reflection”

  1. You write that your experience standing in front of the artwork was so much different than if you had seen it in a video or on TV. That’s one of John Berger’s points! He writes (and in the video, talks) about how different our experience with art is when it is reproduced, rather than when we go to the place where the authentic piece is to see it. Great observation!

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