Assignment: Yaya Group Project

11/5/18 Essentials of Marketing

Yaya Group Work:

 Yaya Tea Logos

Group tasks

  1. Who will put together the written report? And how will you share the document?
  2. Who is responsible for which segment of the report/for research?
  3. Who will create the PowerPoint or Prezi presentation?
  4. Who will create the “talking points” for the presentation? (10 minutes max)


  1. What are your ideas for Yaya?

Social Media


Incorporating Grandmother image into brand story

Mission Statement—“as is” or is your group suggesting changes?

            **make sure that whatever you suggest is not already being done by Yaya

  1. Who is the target market for your location?
  2. What are the segmentation variables?
  3. Any possibilities to capture new markets in your location?
  4. How is the brand positioned?

OpenLab Assignment, post is due before next class:

  • Explore Yaya’s social media (you should already be following them)
  • Grab a screen shot of what you think is the most effective post
  • Post the screenshot on OpenLab
  • Explain why the particular post you chose is effective, how does it relate to the brand?
  • Comment on a classmate’s post

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