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Goya-YaYa Assignment

Dear Students, Please post your responses to the questions below. And make sure to respond to a classmate’s post.

Goya Foods

Goya Foods

1. What does Goya Foods do in terms of social responsibility and/or philanthropy?

2. Are there any similarities between Goya Foods and YaYa Tea (in terms of “brand”)? If so, what are they? What is the story of each brand?

3. What are your ideas for YaYa Tea with regard to philanthropy, social responsibility, and/or cause marketing projects? Any suggestions?

YaYa Owners in Class Oct. 15th

Great News!

Mindy Cheung and her husband Gary Chan will be coming to our Oct. 15th class. Please coordinate with your group members and be prepared to ask questions. This is a great opportunity to gain insight into the brand story as well as the challenges and opportunities at each YaYa Tea location.

More exciting news: The Queens location of YaYa will open at the end of October. That presents some unique opportunities for the Queens group.

Please email me with questions.