Memorable Digital Marketing Campaigns (assignment)

Get inspiration for your YaYa Tea marketing plan!

Read this list of memorable digital marketing campaigns. In a post, write about your favorite digital marketing campaign — it could be from this article or it could be one with which you’re  already familiar.


Write specifically about WHY it’s your favorite or WHY you think it’s particularly effective.

Comment on a classmate’s post.

*Don’t forget to bring a draft version of your group’s marketing plan to class on Monday.


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About Denise H. Sutton, PhD

Denise H. Sutton, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Business at City Tech-CUNY. She is the author of Globalizing Ideal Beauty: Women, Advertising, and the Power of Marketing (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009, 2012). An expert on advertising beauty, Sutton has lectured widely on the subject at universities and at corporations such as Unilever and Firmenich. She developed and taught courses on advertising and gender at the New School University, New York City, and lectures at the Fashion Institute of Technology—SUNY.

6 thoughts on “Memorable Digital Marketing Campaigns (assignment)

  1. Jane

    In my opinion the Influential digital marketing campaign is the best way to promote your company or specific product. It all depends on choosing the right person or group of people as Influencer. From my personal example I can say we all follow our favorite singers, actors, bloggers and etc., some media people on our social media. So I follow them on instagram and I would definitely buy some product he or she using if I can afford it. Or just go to the places they have been or suggested to go would also be so nice, and the idea that I might probably see them there is exciting. Since this people have millions of followers we have ready audience, so we just need to act.
    And also I liked the campaign with IHOP, it is also good way to be on people mouthes. Even tough it was just a trick it is really nice and smart way to get people’s attention.

  2. hassankhalil

    I believe digital marketing is the most important aspect of marketing your product or service since everyone is always looking everywhere for potential no items to buy and use. Also I remember them using the amazon commercial during the super bowl which is extremely expensive but worth every penny since every one in the use watches the super bowl.
    I really liked the most out of the few is the amazon commercial since they innovated tons of jokes and got great cameos from top celebrities like cardi b and Ramsay Gordon. They even had Jeff Bezos the owner on there on commercial which is something rare to see.

  3. Syed124

    One of my favorite digital marketing campaign I believe has been strong would be Airbnb with how significantly it progressed from using social media to bring more awareness toward its company. Their digital marketing strategy is mainly based on user-generated images and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that highlight cities and properties in their stable aimed at owners and popular city guide. An Instagram campaign during 2015 had received 13.3 million interactions and increased followers by 341%. They worked with Google and invested in the search ads for Google. This helped Airbnb increase its listings from less than 10 thousand to 80 thousand. Airbnb adopted and executed a digital marketing well in time and has helped to gain broad media coverage, to increase its follow-up and to communicate clearly its brand message.

  4. Alex

    My favorite digital campaign could be ‘I Hob’, them introducing their new name through twitter. I remember it had everyone talking and coming up with different meanings to what the ‘b’ stood for in their name and why it was changing. Since it was done through twitter i believe it was more effective because everyone uses twitter and it went from twitter to instagram and had everyone in social media reposting it and that just made it better for iHop. When they announced their burgers to their menu it was just amazing how that small change to their menu caused alot of reposting and people talking in social media

  5. Delon

    My favorite digital marketing campaign was the offbeat iHop one because it left some people questioning why did they flip the p in iHop upside down just to be funny. Also some others were questioning what did the b stands for in iHob which is burgers. Now ihob abbreviation is “International House Of Bugers”

  6. KevKev

    My favorite digital marketing campaign would be Yamaha motorsports, specifically the 2019 Yamaha YZF R3 because when I watched the video it was basically watching it from behind the screen of another screen of a video that they used last year and it slowly turned into a video game theme which later brought the person who was watching it onto the motorcycle and riding it. The sound effects and the video itself really got my heart beating and made me want to buy it. Overall, I just thought it was a really great way to present something and compete with it’s competitors and leaves people thinking why there’s a video game theme in the video. That’s why it’s my favorite and effective.

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