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Personality test

  1. I am an adventure
  2.  I wasn’t surprised by the results, i actually somewhat expected it to appear the way it did.
  3.  I believe my strength of my personality is being passionate, charming, sensitive to others, imaginative, curious, and artistic. My weakness is being fiercely independent, unpredictable, easily stressed,overly competitive, and fluctuating self-esteem.
  4. The best way for a marketer to get my attention to buy their product is presenting facts that are appealing and displaying its value.
  5.  Based on the test the type of marketing job that would be best for me is management. This certainly align with the type of marketing job that I want just because I don’t want to be controlled, I’m a great listener and I’m observant.


2. My personality is Consul.

3. I was not surprised by my test results.

4. Strengths: Extrovertet, Observant, Thoughful, Prospecting, Assertive

Weaknesses: Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Prospecting, Turbulent

7. Promotion through television commercials or ads, billboard posters, and quality reports on the product will get my attention.

6. Based on my personality test results, accounting is the best job for me. No, this does not align with the job I want.


Myers & Briggs Personality Test Assignment

group of people holding sign (unsplashed)

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you make to-do lists or is your approach to getting things done less structured? Insights into your personality can help you understand why you need alone time after a party or why you feel energized after socializing all night!

As a marketer, you’ll spend time trying to understand how to reach your target market, which, in part, depends on understanding why they make the decisions they make. For this assignment you will:

1. Go to website: 16Personalities and take the free personality test. Answer the questions below (2-6) in your post.

  1. What personality type are you?
  2. Were you surprised at the results of your test?
  3. Read about your personality type: What are the strengths and weaknesses of your personality type?
  4. What approach should a marketer take to get your attention and get you to buy their company’s product?
  5. Based on the test results, what type of job in marketing would be best for you? Does this align with the type of marketing job you want?
  6. Respond to at least one post on this thread

Boycott Fatigue?

Photo of Colin Kaepernick, Nike Ad

In our last class, we spoke briefly about the new Nike campaign with Colin Kaepernick, especially as it relates to the marketing environment.

For this OpenLab assignment, read People are Getting Tired of Being Told to Boycott Nike and Other Favorite Brands (Quartz), and post your response. In addition to posting your response to this article, please comment on at least one of your classmate’s post.