Smart Tank Competition: New Building-A105, 1pm

Dear Students,

Don’t forget that tomorrow’s class will be held in the new building (across the street from Namm), room A105, 1pm.

Make sure to bring: 1) completed peer and self-evaluation form to turn in and 2) written final project marketing plan. 

Good luck to each team. The presentation order is as follows:

1. Team Chrystie

2. Team Brooklyn

3. Team Queens

4. Team Grand

5. Team 23rd Street

Internship Opportunity

Paid internship opportunity.

The MADE (Marketing and Advertising Education) summer internship sourcing program is the first Pathways 2020 program from the ANA Educational Foundation. This program originated from the findings uncovered in the study entitled “Bridging the Talent Disconnect: Charting Pathways to Future Growth“. There was a resounding call across all key stakeholders surveyed in the study – students, academia and industry – about the need to have a robust internship experience as a critical step to future entry-level employment in the advertising and marketing industry. Founded as a partnership between the ANA Educational Foundation and the Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing with a goal of 50% of MADE Interns placed come from a diverse background as defined by ethnicity and gender.

Student Application open: Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Let me know if you apply and need a letter of recommendation.

Memorable Digital Marketing Campaigns (assignment)

Get inspiration for your YaYa Tea marketing plan!

Read this list of memorable digital marketing campaigns. In a post, write about your favorite digital marketing campaign — it could be from this article or it could be one with which you’re  already familiar.


Write specifically about WHY it’s your favorite or WHY you think it’s particularly effective.

Comment on a classmate’s post.

*Don’t forget to bring a draft version of your group’s marketing plan to class on Monday.


Social Media Analytics

Dear Students:

In your marketing strategic plan, your team has to describe how you will measure the success of your social media campaign. Read about these various social media analytic tools in this PC Magazine article.

Discuss with your team and figure out which one is best for your client and your particular social media campaign.

We’ll talk more about these options on Monday.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Juul Will Stop Selling Most E-Cigarettes Flavors…and Halt Social Media

Dear Students:

What do you think of this NYTimes article about Juul? Great timing since we just discussed this in class the other week!

We’ve covered marketing ethics and are now reading about digital marketing. Do you think Juul deliberately marketed to teens? What do you think of Juul’s claims that it will close its Facebook and Instagram sites?

Post your thoughts by November 19th and respond to at least one classmate.

YaYa’s Social Media: What Works?

This post from YaYa Tea’s instagram is effective in helping their brand because it showcases their products in a very aesthetically pleasing way. It displays their famous onigiris, their drinks that come with a cute side note, and as shown in the back ground, the large selection of delicious treats. The quality of the photo is great, colorful, and eye-catching!

Yaya Tea

YaYa’s Social Media: What Works?

This particular post of Yaya Tea is effective because, in my opinion, it was the most active with their followers. Yaya Tea did a collaboration with Room for Tea NYC Pop Up Art Room and gave a contest with the followers to win a ticket to visit the event. This post ensured active followers, spread of the word for Yaya Tea, and public advertising. In addition to that, the image itself is artsy, and gives a good look for Yaya Tea. It perceives a look where you can drink a fun and tasty beverage.


YaYa’s Social Media: What Works?

cup of tea

Dear Students:

OpenLab Assignment, post is due before next class:

  • Explore YaYa’s social media (you should already be following them)
  • Grab a screen shot of what you think is the most effective post
  • Post the screenshot on OpenLab
  • Explain why the particular post you chose is effective, how does it relate to the brand?
  • Comment on a classmate’s post



Goya-YaYa Assignment

Dear Students, Please post your responses to the questions below. And make sure to respond to a classmate’s post.

Goya Foods

Goya Foods

1. What does Goya Foods do in terms of social responsibility and/or philanthropy?

2. Are there any similarities between Goya Foods and YaYa Tea (in terms of “brand”)? If so, what are they? What is the story of each brand?

3. What are your ideas for YaYa Tea with regard to philanthropy, social responsibility, and/or cause marketing projects? Any suggestions?

YaYa Owners in Class Oct. 15th

Great News!

Mindy Cheung and her husband Gary Chan will be coming to our Oct. 15th class. Please coordinate with your group members and be prepared to ask questions. This is a great opportunity to gain insight into the brand story as well as the challenges and opportunities at each YaYa Tea location.

More exciting news: The Queens location of YaYa will open at the end of October. That presents some unique opportunities for the Queens group.

Please email me with questions.