Homework 3.1

For those who may aspire to one day produce meaningful content to thousands of users, an aspect in which they might overlook is their mindset going into content creation. Known user and UGC (User Generated Content) creator iamelisari does a very well job explaining this matter by addressing it as something you have complete control over. You can choose to be happy or you can choose to be sad and beat yourself up about what you did wrong. More specifically, Elisa provides an example of this by comparing it to when you write a bad paper for math class in which you start to think bad of yourself, or when you write a great essay for English class and you think to yourself that you’re a good writer. What we can take from this kind of example is that “This mindset dominates our thoughts for the rest of our lives unless we actively do something about it.” Furthermore, with this mindset, you can apply it to almost any occupation including content creation so you can always look forward to doing a better job at it and increasing the likeliness of successfully laying a foundation for your own target audience.

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