Unit 3

In this unit, I want to focus on the importance of music. I want to teach how music can change a person’s mood. While I was doing my research paper, I would listen to music to make it seem that I was enjoying writing it. I’m trying to reach out to students who hear music while they do their work to let the day fly by quickly. I think the format and genre of what I would be doing would be an article or a lecture. It’s going to be difficult because it may sound streched out with a lot of information, Also not making it to short

1 thought on “Unit 3”

  1. I believe what you’re planning here is not a bad idea at all. It definitely can be targeted to more people rather than just people who already listen to music while doing work. There might be people who are trying to find a way to help change their own mood and haven’t considered listening to music. As for the genre you may intend on putting together, I would suggest for you to do a lecture rather than an article mainly since reading an article is far different from listening to a lecture where you can bring up auditory examples and emotions that can further help you establish the main point you are trying to bring to your audience.

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