Bloom’s Taxonomy is definitely a great strategic way to help learn for students and teachers. I did not expect such successful outcomes, which surprised me for sure. I think it is important to layout what the point of a class in in the very beginning. I make sure to do this in my syllabus, and constantly remind my students this. This creates a great result because it helps everyone focus on the goal and having a goal really helps achieve more. I believe that this not only works for a group of students in a classroom but also just one individual. This book has it all laid out on how to start and finish to successfully learn and so this can be beneficial for a student to grasp on. I like the study cycle because it is very simply planned out. It is very clear and obvious to following instructions on studying makes sense. This is definitely a great guide for students to follow because unfortunately a lot of students do not know how to study and where to start. This gives them a push and initiative on what to do. I think that to meet our goal of increasing retention 5-10% we need to get students to not only learn how to study, but to learn as well. It is crucial to learn something before you study it because learning is more long term and effective while studying without anything learned is something that stays with one for a short period of time.

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