Bloom’s Taxonomy

  1. After mapping course objectives to Blooms taxonomy, the surprising thing to me was that I had to re-evaluate exactly what I was looking to accomplish in class.  I also like to write the objectives on the board in the beginning of class and talk about them.  I think it helps everyone in the room focus on what the goals of the day are.
  2. Use of Bloom’s model can promote independent learning by students by helping them identify how they are to use new information.
  3. McGuire’s Study Cycle seems obvious, but I think we all need reminders on how to do a task appropriately and completely.
  4. I think we can meet our retention goal increase of 5-10% starting in the fall by focusing on teaching our students how to learn.  This will set them up for success in any course and they need to learn these skills are early on as possible.

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