Prior Knowledge

Recognizing that we need do assess students’ prior knowledge and link knowledge for them explicitly, please complete the following activity and reflection question.
  1. List 3 concepts that you expect students to have as prior knowledge when entering your course.
  2. List 3 concepts that you expect students to gain as new knowledge in your course.


How could this exercise help the transfer of knowledge from one course to another within your curriculum?

3 thoughts on “Prior Knowledge

  1. Prof. Kim

    PRIOR knowledge
    1. Marketing mix elements
    2. Segmenting and targeting consumer market(s)
    3. Writing a marketing plan

    NEW knowledge
    1. Application of the 4Ps
    2. Electronic commerce
    3. Servicescapes — using physical evidence in a service establishment

  2. Linda Paradiso

    Three concepts expected from students at the beginning of the course are:
    1. Scope of nursing practice
    2. Ethical principles in healthcare
    3. Some basic communication techniques

    Three concepts expected at the end of the course are:
    1. Conflict resolution skills
    2. Transformational leadership skills
    3. The culture of patient safety

  3. Linda Paradiso

    The concepts of personal leadership can build, compliment, and transfer knowledge to the next foundational course Professional Nursing Practice. The three concepts expected to gain provide the foundation for nursing leadership in the healthcare setting.


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