Bloom’s Taxonomy

  1. While looking at Bloom’s taxonomy, I too was looking at what we want to accomplish for student learning in our courses. I generally outline the class objectives in the first slide of power point (PP) lecture notes, and then go in to details in later slides. The students are given the PP prior to class for their review. It is anticipated that they will come to class and ask questions if they don’t understand or if there is something different in the book. The one down fall is that most of the students;  a) don’t open Blackboard and review the slides and b) don’t do the reading, to come to class prepared. They try to get it from their friends.
  2. I agree that Bloom’s work can promote independent learning, but if they don’t read the book or notes to get acquainted for the day’s subject matter, and don’t take notes in class, they will not have anything to create, evaluate, analyze etc. and remember, and learn something.
  3. The study cycle proposed by McGuire can be useful, but we will have to reinforce the value of it for them to understand that their learning experience is not as laborious as they think.
  4. I think that the students need to be shown these techniques early in class through our introduction in future semesters. We must be sure that they take notes to supplement the other information and check that they are doing it. We have to break the cycle of “I want it now and fast” like they do in social media. They think they will learn when they get a real job, but they are in for a rude awakening. They need to commit to true learning and not to get through a class.

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