Hoist and Truss Homework

Alright class, at this point we have covered many of the mathematical concepts and procedures we need to solve rigging problems. For the rest of the semester, we are going to put those concepts into practice by solving real-world problems. A big part of being a rigger is reading and understanding technical documentation produced by manufacturers, trade groups, and standards organizations. For the truss lesson, we are going to practice reading some manufacturer’s documentation.

For the hoist and truss homework, you need to:

  1. watch this video
  2. read the CityTech Truss Manual (handed out in class)
  3. read the Lodestar NH Manual
  4. fill in the blanks on the Chain Hoist manual cover page (handed out in class)
    1. You will need to do some investigation to find your answers. It may involve asking Rudy, inspecting the hoist itself, or going through our equipment records.
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