Mid-term Review Information

Here are the topics, and point values, for the mid-term. You can also download the test outline here: Mid-term Outline

Calculations (60 points)

  • Calculate stress and strain
  • Draw free body diagrams
  • Calculate reactions
  • Find lengths and tensions for bridles
  • Determine loads for battens and lift lines
  • Find UBS, DF, WLL
  • Convert DF
  • Calculate actual and theoretical mechanical advantage
  • Calculate resultant loads

Terminology (30 points)

  • Identify the parts of common rigging systems (draw pictures with labels, label diagrams, identify physical samples)

Best Practices (60 Points)

  • Choose appropriate design factors
  • Choose appropriate ropes, cables and terminations
  • Tie knots
  • Know the 4 K’s
  • Know safe working procedures (study this in the Stage Rigging Handbook)
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