Crissy Spivey | MTEC 3140 | Fall 2020

Assignment due 9/2

What do you think about transparency in business?

It’s a difficult step to take, but I think it’s worth the effort. Transparency would force companies that don’t represent or support minorities into the limelight. They could either change their ways or be left behind. In the long run, it would definitely pay off.

What do you think about inclusivity in creating content and products?

I think it’s a step in the right direction, one that should’ve been taken a while ago, especially in the US, a country founded and built by immigrants. There is strength in diversity, and making all ethnic groups feel respected and supported would yield a lot of positive results in the short term as well as long term. Inclusivity would not only benefit customers, but also the companies who practice it. Their products and services would be well received and their profits would increase. It’s a win for everyone.


  1. Hiuling Yen

    What do you think about transparency in business?
    Transparency in business allows people to better understand the company. And have the choice to choose whether to continue to buy products under this company.

    What do you think about inclusivity in creating content and products?
    The inclusivity of products can makes the audience range even larger. Expanding the audience range will allow more people to learn about this product through the advertisement.

    What did you know about digital agencies before last week’s class?
    They act as an intermediary between the personal studio and the company. Help the studio to find a project, and help the company find a capable studio that can take over the project.

    As a digital agency is it more important to be innovative or up on trends?
    I think it should keep up with the trend. Many companies don’t necessarily understand how digital agency works. Keeping up with the trend can make the company’s agency better discover.

    How do you keep on top of trends? What websites or podcasts do you listen to?
    I don’t actually keep up with the trend. I mostly rely on the outside news that my friends chat with me. I use Twitter and Instagram, but rarely.

  2. Brian Livingston

    1. Key takeaways from the articles

    I remember when I was younger that there was no other representation than white people in ads. Later it became whites with 1 black. Then it slowly became representation with many ethnicities and gender. The biggest take away for me is that change has been continual.

    2. What do you think about transparency in business?

    I think transparency allows the consumer the opportunity to see if the company really is changing and to help with feedback. Trying to hit the mark is tough. There is no one perfect ad that will scratch all itches and address everyone’s desires but, if you say you are for a particular demographic it makes sense to get their opinion and adjust in real time.

    3. What do you think about inclusivity in creating content and products.

    If a product is supposed to be for anyone then the content shouldn’t look as though one people group use it. I agree with Youngs feelings. He wasn’t trying to get a list of data to keep for perpetuity to hold people accountable. He was trying to get people to be open and that’s a small step in a long road.

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