Is the concept of mainstream vs. underground relevant in advertising of 1950s / 1960’s and is it relevant today?

What is “culture jamming”?
Provide a visual example and description of early avant-garde culture jamming.
Provide a visual example and description of culture jamming today.

I think that the concept of mainstream vs underground was relevant for advertising in the 1950s since powerful marks were the way to go to grab people’s attention. The sixties psychedelic movement had drugs and sex which provoked the mainstream media which was seen as underground. Dues to its edginess, the mainstream was able to embrace the way it attracted attention and followers. That is still relevant today in magazines with celebrities when they have scandals that have to do with taboos or sex-related material. I think that cultural jamming is the use of what is seen as normal in the media, and changed to an image or meaning for something else. Like raising awareness for how it could do wrong.

There have been many mass-produced images of this man who is known as Che Guevara, but they have been modified so much that people don’t even recognize who he even is anymore, This was all done on purpose to promote that and for him to be unrecognizable

This is an example of how culture jamming in our day with how people are fed up with company FedEx due to its services that have so many problems with delays and shipping.

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