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I live in East Ehlmurst, Queens. A couple of overflowed trash cans were found around JacksonHeights. This is only a ┬ácouple of blocks away from where i live. Their was several environmental waste sources in about every corner of the block. Several ┬áthings are thrown in the trash cans, that can take a large amount of space. The garbage piles up until it is overflowed and thrown on the sidewalks. The restaraunt’s in my neighborhood produce a large ┬áamount of ┬áthese waste’s.In every block their is about 4 to 5 restaurants. These small stores like the ┬á99 cents stores throw away their trash in cheap plastic bags, which unfortunately breaks and piles on the ground. Many items in the trash can’s can be recycled. Before i had the chance to take any pictures ┬ásome people not too far away throw alot of furniture. ┬áThis can sometimes take alot of the sidewalk and even block parking spaces. There are alot of rodents where i live because the tremendous amount of restaurants and businesses. My neighborhood is a place where people love hanging out and its pretty live and wild on the weekends.Unfortunately because of this, their is several rats around the neighborhood. This seriously concerns me , i believe if we would clear the streets from trash piling on the corners, maybe this would decrease the rat populations. Sadly, this is a commercial place , where their are alot of restaurant and clubs so it would be way too hard to constantly have clear streets.In contrast to the first assignment the rodent population in my neighborhood isn’t that bad. In this previous articled it stated how the streets looked like it was moving.In my neighborhood, you wont see any rodents only around the restaurants around night. The rodents in my neighborhood aren’t as over exaggerated as in the article.


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