Assignment 2

  • My local environment around my house is around a lot of houses and businesses with Trees in front in Brookly, NY.
  • garbage 2garbage 1 garbage 3 garbage 4 garbage 5 
  • There are garbage cans almost every corner of each block.  There are signs of rodent activity in the night time when the garbage cans get too full And some peoples homes on this block arent well maintained.
    • This does concern me because my house is around all of this so the rats ca n get inside my house, and winter time is coming so the rats need some where to go. Many of the restaurants dump their garbage out front where it call attract rodents.
    • The area in the first article is different from my neighborhood because Borough Hall is a park and rodents often hide around those areas.  Where i live is a neighborhood with homes and businesses. There are no bushes and mostly only 2 trees per block.
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