Assignment 2: Brittany


The area I choose was Staten Island. I live around the mall area which there is a lot of restaurants.  Also there are a lot of houses, supermarkets, and stores. Some of these garbage’s are from my complex. We get our garbage picked up Monday morning and Thursday morning.  Also we have recycle picked up on Wednesdays. If there a lot of garbage in your area you must contact the garbage men about it, if not you get a warning. After that you would get a fine.  But some of the streets around me you do see garbage lying around since people do litter. But mostly that is around the mall and roads. The other pictures are close to my job. I work at a supermarket. Each garbage area I went to there weren’t any sign of rodents there.  It might happen later at night around the restaurants. Compare to the first assignment it is a bigger difference than my area because you rarely see any rodents running around. You sometimes see possum or raccoon’s but not rats. This doesn’t really concern me because I wouldn’t be so happy to see rats running around my house a lot.

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