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Actually, I neither hate nor like online classes,because the online class is just another form of class,after all, for everyone’s safety, we have to minimize contact with people. Although I maintain a neutral attitude towards online classes, I still have a little bit of worry myself cant catch up with the class, So I hope I can pass all my courses smoothly this semester.


The reason I chose this picture is I hope this epidemic will end soon so that we can return to the lively life we used to be.



ANXIOUS, NERVOUS,UNAMUSED, just not excited at all. This is how I’m feeling about this class. I do like poetry ,I’ve written it before some myself.  I even won a writing contest at school once, regardless of that I still don’t like writing and don’t consider it my strongest subject. I feel like online learning for some classes i don’t mind but for bio or math it’s not the same for me like i want to actually be in a class for that especially for bio which requires such hands on work. I feel like online classes have made me less motivated to go and attend. 

I chose this picture because this is 1 of my nieces, and she means the world to me. Ever since she was born I would spend all my school breaks with her. I want her to grow up knowing she can always come to me. I love her as if she were my own and at times we even fight like if we,re sisters she’s my little rascal.   



I am looking forward to improving my writing and reading skills. I was always decently good at writing back in high school. Being a good writer was something I always wanted to be. I believe it’s an essential skill to have, makes me eager to become the best writer I can be. It’s been a while since I have written essays, which leads me to my concerns for this class. I know it will be a bit challenging to remember the fundamentals of writing. It’s a time process in which I have to be patient. Not only that, I have social anxiety. Having my camera on makes me nervous because I feel as if everybody is watching my every move. I am lucky enough to know how to handle it, just annoying to deal with the nerves. Apart from these differences, I know my capability. I’m excited to see my growth throughout this course!


This is a picture of my friend I took in Soho, Manhattan. I recently fell in love with taking pictures of my friends and playing around with different angles. I love editing them after and, in this photo, it’s black and white with a hint of blue shadows. There are many ways to express yourself, photography being one.

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