ANXIOUS, NERVOUS,UNAMUSED, just not excited at all. This is how I’m feeling about this class. I do like poetry ,I’ve written it before some myself.  I even won a writing contest at school once, regardless of that I still don’t like writing and don’t consider it my strongest subject. I feel like online learning for some classes i don’t mind but for bio or math it’s not the same for me like i want to actually be in a class for that especially for bio which requires such hands on work. I feel like online classes have made me less motivated to go and attend. 

I chose this picture because this is 1 of my nieces, and she means the world to me. Ever since she was born I would spend all my school breaks with her. I want her to grow up knowing she can always come to me. I love her as if she were my own and at times we even fight like if we,re sisters she’s my little rascal.   

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  1. Tiffany Cabrera

    Nice to meet you, Noemie. I hear your worries about being anxious and thoughts on online class. Winning a writing contest is very impressive: I love poetry myself. I believe we will do just fine in this class and hope for the best!

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