App: Flipboard

Posted by on Nov 7, 2016 in Coursework, Introduction | No Comments

I am reviewing the app Flipboard. I chose to use Flipboard because I have friends who use the app and also recommended me to use it. I downloaded and I loved it right away. I like how the pages flip and how easy its to find articles.

  1. Topics! You can find any topic on the second icon on the app next to the Home icon.
    You can pick any topic you want and how many you want.
  2. The search button. Thank you Flipboard, with the search button your search its way easier!
  3. Notifications and Sharing. You’ll get notifications from people following you, liking what you shared, sharing what you shared and comments. You can also share on other social medias.
  4. Categories. One cool feature I like from Flipboard is that after reading an article you can add it to your categories in your profile. You can read it later or share it.
  5. Topics you follow. After adding topics to your profile, Flipboard separates them, that way you can have everything in order.I give Flipboard a 8 out of 10. For great organization.