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4/16 Presentation Comments

Chadrick – Dr Prescribes VR

It’s interesting to hear about how modern technology can help people in ways never known before. VR is very accessible as well, Google cardboard turns any smartphone into a VR headset with most smartphones.

Benjamin – Facebook Privacy

It’s good to see articles like this in NYT, we need more exposure to privacy concerns from modern tech especially with older generations.

Verneller – Driver Tracking Cameras

It’s good to see a focus on on driver safety, still a massive invasion of privacy for most people but the greater benefits could possibly be worth the risk.

Hasibul Chowdhury ENG2575 E292 – Presentation Comments 04/16/19

Chadrick Lee
The Doctor Prescribes Video Games and Virtual Reality Rehab – By Andy Coravos – Wired

How does the advancement in hardware that collects biometric information from people affect/protect the privacy of the users?

Benjamin Goletic
He Reported it on Facebook. Now He Approaches it With Caution – By Nicholas Confessore – NYT

Do you think it is possible for a person in the US to get away without having a Facebook or Google account?

Verneller Charles
Eyes on the Road (Your Car is Watching) – NYT – J. R. Quain

Are insurance companies excited for technology to monitor driver awareness?

Afraz Allie ENG 2575 E292 In-class Presentation 4-16-2019

Presenter 1- Chadrick Lee – “Doctor Prescribes Video Games…”

Hi Chadrick, I enjoyed listening to your presentation on “Doctor Prescribes VIdeo Games…”, it was interesting to me. I find it enlightening yet concerning to know that some of the major social media platforms are tracking these behaviors. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how this information / data will be handled in the future.

Presenter 2 – Benjamin Goletic – “He reported on FaceBook. Now he approaches it with caution.”

HI Benjamin, I enjoyed listening to your presentation but due to the in class discussion, I forgot my writing points. I do remember it was good and sparked a-lot of comments.

Presenter 3 – Verneller Charles – “Eyes on the road! Your car is watching”

Hi Verneller, thank you for your presentation regarding cars and their monitoring software. I’m not sure how I feel about this as yet but it was very interesting.

Erik Ramon ENG2575E292 Comments on presentation of April 16, 2019

First Presentation (Chadrick)

  • this presentation was quite informative that conveys the use of VR  and mixed with the watch and sensors to save people and create a better expansion of a medical wing.

Second Presentation (Benjamin)

  • great work, with more information to gain from these slides that happen in facebook that we should all know, is a big topic from all over the world

Third Presentation (Verneller )

  • amazing story about cars it would be a good way of keeping the road safe

Benjamin Goletic

Great presentation. It was helpful to find things out from someone else’s point of view, in this case it was the journalist’s point of view. Great article and presentation on how to be a little more cautious about our privacy by doing simple things like using iPhone and its feature for turning off locations.

Felix Ubiera, ENG2575-E292, Comments on presentations done on April 16th, 2019

Chadrick Lee’s Presentation:

  • Technology is great. But all these improvements are gonna make us dependent on A.I. apps.  In addition, what is the security of our information? What are those companies doing with the amount of information gathered from users?
  • I like the app that helps people sleep. So, instead of using sleeping pills that may harm your body with side effects or make you addicted to it, you just use this application and done. But I feel that this is just a temporary solution, and thus, will make us dependent on this application.
  • Facebook using A.I. to monitor people post is just another excuse to invade our privacy. Now they will be able to analyze our behavior and, aside from preventing a person that is going to commit suicide, they will have enough information to make profiles on us.

Benjamin’s Presentation

  • The reporter said he uses Signal because it is encrypted, but Whatsapp is also encrypted. Could it be that he did not use Whatsapp because it is Facebook-own?

Verneller Charles’ Presentation:

  • A system that eavesdrops and monitor you. They say they won’t keep the information but it sounds to me that it’s going to be that way just in the beginning. Once they get the people they’ll push some law to capture information saying it is for your safety. No thanks.