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Comments on Presentation 3/19/19


Cryptocurrency have become more popular now. Do you think that Cryptocurrency will loose it’s value because of so many forms of Cryptocurrency?


I like that the presentation took more of a scientific approach  to a technological subject.


How accurate is  these technology  at detecting if some one at risk of blindness?

Comments on Presentation 3/5/19


Yes, adds are becoming increasingly rapid on many social websites. One question that for this presentation is do you think google  would have respond differently if this happened in the U.S?


From my interpretation of the summary of this article, it seems like China has less privacy when it comes to privacy with technology. one question that i have as it retains to this article is do you think that a heavily surveillance state like china lack of privacy better than what we have in the U.S.


The movie child’s play is about a boy getting a doll as a gift  his mother. What the boy didn’t know was that same doll he was gifted was had the soul of a serial killer. That murderous doll then went on on a killing spree. Later in the movie the boy and his mother become a aware of the doll’s killing spree. The doll sets it’s sight on the boy and his mother.

The Movie child’s play is about  Single Karen mother getting her son Andy a sought out doll. what the boy and his mother didn’t know was that same doll the night before was possessed  by the soul of a serial killer hiding out in the toy store the doll was being sold. The now possessed  doll then goes on an killing spree. Later on, The mother and the boy aware of the doll’s actions. This causes the doll sets it’s sight on the boy and his mother.