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Afraz Allie ENG 2575 E292 In-class Presentation 4-16-2019

Presenter 1- Chadrick Lee – “Doctor Prescribes Video Games…”

Hi Chadrick, I enjoyed listening to your presentation on “Doctor Prescribes VIdeo Games…”, it was interesting to me. I find it enlightening yet concerning to know that some of the major social media platforms are tracking these behaviors. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how this information / data will be handled in the future.

Presenter 2 – Benjamin Goletic – “He reported on FaceBook. Now he approaches it with caution.”

HI Benjamin, I enjoyed listening to your presentation but due to the in class discussion, I forgot my writing points. I do remember it was good and sparked a-lot of comments.

Presenter 3 – Verneller Charles – “Eyes on the road! Your car is watching”

Hi Verneller, thank you for your presentation regarding cars and their monitoring software. I’m not sure how I feel about this as yet but it was very interesting.

Afraz Allie ENG 2575 E292 In-class presentation 04/09/2019

Presenter 1 – Muyiwa – “Amazon”

I enjoyed listening to your presentation on Amazon. As much as I know of them it was good to get some incite of some of their past interactions with other states. Great job.

Presenter 2 – Louis Sakala – “Seven Ways Technology Will Change in 2019.”

Thank you Louis for your presentation, it was very informative. There was a lot of information unpacked here so I must thank you for your persistence and dedication in getting it all done.





Afraz Allie ENG 2575 E292 4-02-2019 Presentation Comments

Presenter 1 – Erik Ramon

Hi Erik, your presentation on “The Tech Whiz behind Vine and HQ Trivia…” was interesting and informative. I did not know about the apps that Kroll invented so thank you for that. It was a bit unfortunate that he died from his bad habits, never getting a chance to turn his life around. Hopefully this will act as an eye opener showing how drugs can destroy your life.

Afraz Allie ENG 2575 E292 In Class Comments.

Presenter 1

I came in towards the end of the presentation so i do not think it would be fair for me to comment about the content. However, I was able to catch a few minutes before the end and think the presenter did a good job showing that he owned the topic. The few slides I saw from the door looked great and the presenter was very confident in his answers to the questions asked.

Afraz Allie ENG 2575 E292 Presentation Comments

Presenter 1 – Matt

This presentation was refreshing to see a different take on Facebook other than the normal browsing and chatting that most people participate in. It was good to see tech companies trying to take advantage of crypto currency to make use of their user base.

Presenter 3 – Ahamed

It was interesting to hear about the diabetic situation in India and how AI interference can assist the situation. The presentation was packed with details and supporting information which grabbed my interest.


Afraz Allie ENG 2575 E292 Comments on Presentations

Presentation 1

HI Sergio, I think the presentation was informative especially since it is pointing towards the future and the way life will rely on technology. However, there was a statement that struck me with the presentation.

  • You mentioned that where cell towers were absent, cars will be able to receive signals from other cars. So my questions is if there is an absence of towers, how are the other cars receiving their signals as well in order to transmit?

Presentation 2

Hi Shatabdi, thank you for enlightening us about Alexa and the ways in which it can be used. Your presentation was clear and straight to the point.

Thank You.





My comments

Presentation 1

Hi Joseph, I think your presentation on the Facetime vulnerability was great, It was very informative and practical especially since I am an IPhone user and the vulnerability affects me directly.

Thanks for educating me on the topic. I feel as though I must take IOS upgrades more         seriously now knowing about the seriousness of some of the security flaws.

Presentation 2

Hi Felix, I enjoyed listening to your presentation. It was something i can relate to since I, like many others, click “I agree” without reading the privacy contents. I always wondered how it is that after searching some websites for specific items then going to google or other webpages and see advertisements of the very things I looked at.


Afraz Allie ENG2575 E292 Five Line Movie Summary

My favorite moving is Rocky, staring Sylvester Stallone. This movie came out during the early eighties and it was based on boxing where a young local from Philadelphia got a chance to fight against the word heavyweight champion of the world. Rocky worked in a boxing gym doing odd ends jobs. The fight was suppose to be an exhibition between Rocky and the champion. However, during the fight Rocky was able to stand toe to toe with the champ, lasting all fifteen rounds.


Rocky is a movie based on a boxing match between the main fighters who are Rocky and Apollo Creed. Rocky was a local guy from Philadelphia while Creed was the world heavyweight champion at the time. Creed was looking to have an exhibition fight with a local as a marketing strategy and Rocky got the opportunity of a lifetime. Rocky was unaware that the fight was an exhibition so he gave it his all, lasting all fifteen rounds, standing toe to toe with the champ. At the end the judges called it in favor of Creed but the crowd favored Rocky.