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Felix Ubiera, ENG2575-E292, Comments on presentations done on April 16th, 2019

Chadrick Lee’s Presentation:

  • Technology is great. But all these improvements are gonna make us dependent on A.I. apps.  In addition, what is the security of our information? What are those companies doing with the amount of information gathered from users?
  • I like the app that helps people sleep. So, instead of using sleeping pills that may harm your body with side effects or make you addicted to it, you just use this application and done. But I feel that this is just a temporary solution, and thus, will make us dependent on this application.
  • Facebook using A.I. to monitor people post is just another excuse to invade our privacy. Now they will be able to analyze our behavior and, aside from preventing a person that is going to commit suicide, they will have enough information to make profiles on us.

Benjamin’s Presentation

  • The reporter said he uses Signal because it is encrypted, but Whatsapp is also encrypted. Could it be that he did not use Whatsapp because it is Facebook-own?

Verneller Charles’ Presentation:

  • A system that eavesdrops and monitor you. They say they won’t keep the information but it sounds to me that it’s going to be that way just in the beginning. Once they get the people they’ll push some law to capture information saying it is for your safety. No thanks.

Felix Ubiera, ENG2575-E292, Comments on presentations done on April 9th, 2019

Muyiwa Aniyikaye’s Presentation:

The deal with Amazon seems good in the outside but in the inside that might not be the case. For instance, they didn’t disclose what kind of jobs they were going to offer. Another point is how good manipulator is Jeff Bezos. He hired New Yorkers just because he was negotiating a deal in New York, otherwise, he would not do that.

Louis’ Presentation:

This world is advancing very fast and apparently without stopping. You don’t assimilate one technology when a newer one is released. Personally, I don’t like where this is going. People are going to lose jobs because of it. Creators are not considering possible errors a technology-driven world might bring. For example, what if driverless cars lose signal or how are they going to respond against an unexpected event such as natural disaster. The aspect that worries me about this is that the negative aspect is not being spoken. And the speed, the speed of these new advances. For example, in photography, you buy a camera today but in a month is going to be obsolete. And It affects people in a way they think they made a bad choice not waiting for the newer technology.

Felix Ubiera, ENG2575-E292, Comments on presentations done on April 2th, 2019

Erik Ramon’s Presentation:

I find that drugs and famous people are positively correlated. Colin Kroll is just another example of this. Last year, I hear from a  successful person that he uses drugs to focus, to remove all the distractions. When he is not distracted he is able to work on his idea and make it happen. I think those people drop out of school/college because it is a distraction for them. Colin Kroll, he was a genius or maybe just someone who focused on what really mattered to him—his idea.

Felix Ubiera, ENG2575-E292, Comments on presentations done on March 26th, 2019

Mohammad’s Presentation:

This new streaming idea is a risky thing for me because this product depends on an internet connection. Internet connection is not always reliable. They say that they are serious to make this available for everybody but to fulfill that their customers need a proper internet connection. In addition, what everybody means for them, only the United States or does it include third-world countries were internet speeds does not reach 10 Mbps.

Another issue is that they say it will save money. But that is coming with a cost—the cost of slavery. We are going to be a slave to their service. Another factor to that is that it only has one control. So, to play with friends we cannot do it offline and to play we have to pay. For example, I have a PS4, if my friends come over to my house I can play with them offline because PS4 supports multiple controllers, and I do not have to pay any more if I want to keep playing the game.


Felix Ubiera, ENG2575-E292, Comments on presentations done on March 19th, 2019

Matt’s Presentation:

Cryptocurrency is going to be the ultimate currency in the future. People are reluctant to invest in it but that is why we need to understand the cues that big companies are giving us. For example, Facebook is doing its own cryptocurrency is not something they do because they like, it is because they know that there is where the money is going to be. Big companies stay big because they have a vision. Not only facebook but Telegram, Alibaba, Walt Disney, Ford motor, Amazon, etc. They all are making their own cryptocurrencies. So, it is interesting to see where the world is going.

Question: Have you invested in cryptocurrency?

Afraz’s Presentation:

Very interesting how posture can affect the mood, and how it is proved that depression is positive correlated to it. However, I disagree with a phone being the only problem because most of the things that we do require bending our head. For example, cooking, dancing, reading a book.

Very good clarification from Afraz when he said that is the constant use of our phone, where we need to bend our head, the problem.

Ahmed’s Presentation:

I find interesting how artificial intelligence is taking little by little of the medical industry. And it is amazing how good use people are putting to it as to help the needy. It shocking the amount of doctor per million of citizen they have which is 11. However, AI technology is not perfect. If the patient cataracts they will probably need a doctor.

My question is: If they manage to implement AI, out all the people that get screened, how are they going to be treated? I mean, they can only screen people but if many test positive, how are they going to treat them?

Felix Ubiera, ENG2575-E292, Comments on presentations done on March 12th, 2019

Sergio Carrillo Presentation:

  • The 5G technology is a good thing but behind it comes many things that might not be good. For example, the car industry is going to change but it is not as secure as people think. Signal degrades and sometimes it gets lost. So, the car connected to this technology could crash due to this vulnerability.

Shatabdi Katha presentation:

  • I’m afraid of what the future holds for people if technology keeps growing as it is. Because of phones we no longer talk to people in front of us. Now, with Alexa, people might not even talk with other people.

Felix Ubiera, ENG2575-E292, Comments on presentations done on March 5th, 2019

Joseph’s Presentation:

Joseph Smith Presentation: Apple Was Slow to Act on FaceTime Bug That Allows Spying on iPhones.

Question: Was the flaw there since a long time or did it come with a recent apple update?

Comment: I think that apple knew before they were told by the Ms. Thompson and they were exploiting it. They could be exploiting it with the excuse that it was only a flaw.

Hasibul’s Presentation:

Question: Is US becoming more like china with the surveillance?

Felix Ubiera, ENG2575-E292, Favorite Movie Summary

My favorite movie is “Interstellar.” First, it is about things I find fascinating which are space, universe, and wormhole. Second, because it touches briefly interesting topics about physic. Last but not least, one of my favorite actors, who is Matthew McConaughey, is the protagonist, and on top of that, my favorite music composer, who is Hans Zimmer, is the one that made the background music for this movie. In summary, this movie has many this I like and for that reason, it is my favorite movie.


Interstellar, a movie created by Christopher Nolan, is about a group of astronauts who are looking for other planet for the people on earth live. Cooper, who is the main protagonist, is an astronaut who has never gone into any travel and lives his days farming corn. One day, Cooper and his daughter Murph are surprise by a supernatural event of a message being sent by gravity. Upon discovering the message they found the coordinates of a hidden base of the NASA and after arriving there they find out that are building a spaceship to start an expedition to another galaxy. Cooper, which found “by coincidence” that base, is hire to lead the expedition and find a new home for the people of earth.