Felix Ubiera, ENG2575-E292, Comments on presentations done on April 16th, 2019

Chadrick Lee’s Presentation:

  • Technology is great. But all these improvements are gonna make us dependent on A.I. apps.  In addition, what is the security of our information? What are those companies doing with the amount of information gathered from users?
  • I like the sleep.io app that helps people sleep. So, instead of using sleeping pills that may harm your body with side effects or make you addicted to it, you just use this application and done. But I feel that this is just a temporary solution, and thus, will make us dependent on this application.
  • Facebook using A.I. to monitor people post is just another excuse to invade our privacy. Now they will be able to analyze our behavior and, aside from preventing a person that is going to commit suicide, they will have enough information to make profiles on us.

Benjamin’s Presentation

  • The reporter said he uses Signal because it is encrypted, but Whatsapp is also encrypted. Could it be that he did not use Whatsapp because it is Facebook-own?

Verneller Charles’ Presentation:

  • A system that eavesdrops and monitor you. They say they won’t keep the information but it sounds to me that it’s going to be that way just in the beginning. Once they get the people they’ll push some law to capture information saying it is for your safety. No thanks.

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