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Felix Ubiera, ENG2575-E292, Comments on presentations done on March 26th, 2019

Mohammad’s Presentation:

This new streaming idea is a risky thing for me because this product depends on an internet connection. Internet connection is not always reliable. They say that they are serious to make this available for everybody but to fulfill that their customers need a proper internet connection. In addition, what everybody means for them, only the United States or does it include third-world countries were internet speeds does not reach 10 Mbps.

Another issue is that they say it will save money. But that is coming with a cost—the cost of slavery. We are going to be a slave to their service. Another factor to that is that it only has one control. So, to play with friends we cannot do it offline and to play we have to pay. For example, I have a PS4, if my friends come over to my house I can play with them offline because PS4 supports multiple controllers, and I do not have to pay any more if I want to keep playing the game.


Afraz Allie ENG 2575 E292 In Class Comments.

Presenter 1

I came in towards the end of the presentation so i do not think it would be fair for me to comment about the content. However, I was able to catch a few minutes before the end and think the presenter did a good job showing that he owned the topic. The few slides I saw from the door looked great and the presenter was very confident in his answers to the questions asked.

Joanna Gordon ENG2575 E292 – Comments on Presentation on March 26th 2019

Mohammed – Google (Stadia)

You mentioned “No loading time, 5 secs to load game” – i think this all depends on how the cable&internet companies services react if you have the proper “plan” to provide for this gaming.  It can also be beneficial to the internet companies to sell a higher quality internet so everyone can be involved in the new “IN THING” its also interesting how PS and XBox controllers can both work.