Ethics in Graphic Design 2

2A) In the public sense I have not taken anyone’s work without permission or accreditation to the original owner. I will try my best to keep things that way because I understand the ramifications if I do not adhere to the guidelines set forth. When it comes to personal practice work that you’re experimenting with; those should stay out of any form of public format unless the proper citing and authorizations have been given. In previous student works I’ve made sure to include links to the original source and give credit where credit is due.

2B) After reading the article in regards to the Fairey Copyright Case I have to agree with the decision that was made. Credit where credit is due should be a fundamental staple when it comes to anyone’s work. The entire bit where evidence was fabricated after digging themselves in too deep is considered perjury and consequences need to be upheld for actions such as these. Had the artist just admitted fault on their part from the beginning a smaller penalty would have been the judgement but ultimately that is not the outcome for this case. Now had the picture been used as a reference and something completely different came from it is a different story all together but if the work directly is impacted by the source material than give credit to the source is the takeaway here.


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Ethics in Graphic Design 1

1A) When it comes down to using the company’s logo they have set guidelines to be followed. The company also does have an assortment of assets to use for either advertisements and social media use. In any event we were encouraged to create assets as well as long as they fit within the guidelines set within the guidebook. In my case most of the work tends to lean to created within the themes of the company as well as handling company information to be redesigned for their cliental.

1B) My internship did not require me to sign any form of NDA or confidentiality form. For the most part with having to design campaign decks for the organization; information has strictly been shared with my supervisor and no one else. I have no intention of letting that information becoming public since its been made available to me weeks into my internship term to keep a professional courtesy.


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Throughout all the hours spent communicating with my colleagues, trying out new skills, and figuring solutions for problems this internship has been eye opening for me. I’ve taken the time to set up meetings in a professional manner and tried to very best of my ability to maintain that level throughout the past 6 weeks. I’ve start to shed away the critical nature that I noticed would hold me back in the past where as I should have stuck with gut and pushed an idea forward. If an idea is met with a decline at the end of the day than its back to drawing board but I’ve found myself enjoying the process of designing more and more rather than trying to fight over a single idea.

This internship has had step out of the usual work and started introducing me into a more public domain that I never really had experience in. I need to work on it some more to truly make strides for future endeavors. I hope overall that everyone I’ve worked with has an impression that I want to be here. To cultivate this I will need to keep learning, keep taking risks, and keep listening to those who have knowledge to impart.

Role Model Mentor

I’ve learned a lot from my peers during this internship, especially so from the organization’s Founder and my Supervisor. They’ve provided so much new information about the inner workings behind the scenes in making their projects run and what avenues to address to making sure they follow through with an event. Certainly didn’t know about having to set up a bond for any kind of giveaway that exceeds $5000 and will keep that in mind if I ever decide to pitch any idea like that in the future. The interesting takeaways from each meeting certainly helped to understand what needed to be accomplished during the week and for that I’m thankful that the higher ups conveyed their plans clearly.

Even when I had questions of my own and brought them up; if they could not give me an answer they would direct me to someone on the team who could. The organization has their finger on the pulse of their company and knows their team well. The feeling of having grown a bit within the Graphic Design field has to be a product of mentors who understand and are willing the teach the ins and outs of where they are at.

My Projects

Most of my project are stemming from reaching out to influencer and dialoging with them to see if they would be on board with getting the word about the organization I’m working with currently. In an attempt to bridge that gap I’ve been tasked with creating an explanation video to go along side with the initial reach out message. Prior to this I had no experience with Motion Graphic but I set myself a time frame to research the usage of Adobe After Effects to be able to accomplish what comes next.

From creating all the elements from scratch, to figuring out the timings, and exporting a mock up, I truly have come appreciate the amount of experience I’ve gained from starting this project. It really dawned on me the amount of time that gets poured into creating a motion graphic. The weeks poured into making something that will be used for new projects that come down the line has made a huge impact on me in ensuring to put the organizations direction at the fore front.

My Responsibilities

Most of responsibilities stem from trying to get a hold of influencers and celebrities to take interest in putting the word about our organization. Whether it comes down to creating banners or videos it certainly has pushed out of my comfort zone. Typically within the week my responsibility is to meet in with the company team either once or twice a week as well as setting up a 1 on 1 meeting with my supervisor. And since everything is taking place online it definitely differs from the in company office situation and takes some getting accustomed to.

Trying to reach out to influencers has never been a thing I tried before especially reaching out with a pitch. So I devised a way to incorporate Design into said message and talked about my approach to my supervisor and the company founder as well. Right now I’ve worked on creating elements from scratch, storyboarding how I want to play it out, and animating them through Adobe After Effects. Taking on the task individually has certainly helped me understand the way I wish to tie my interests with providing visual solutions to the company I’m working for.

About the Organization

The place I am currently working for is a Non-Profit Organization that deals in raising money for charities ( Cause Marketing ). They aim to keep an eye on audience interests and try to get influencers involved with putting out the word about their organization. Currently they are trying different avenues and expanding their domain into raising the numbers for donations towards their causes since they are partnered with several different charities.

In the work sense this organization holds there meetings with everyone to be updated on what is occurring every week. The company founder has been able to take time to give feedback on some of our work that gets presented and has explained his reasoning about those decisions. And the work flow has been a constant flow of work coming in week to week with everyone posting and having their work visible so we can keep a concise vision in our work for their current projects. Overall every week has brought something new to look at and our team is trying to figure out ways to make it understandable to a bigger audience through our work.

Searching and Obtaining an Internship

The process into searching really started even before enrolling into the class. The only thing I was trying to get my portfolio squared away and making sure I included everything within my resume. So the process began with emailing several places I had an interest in and than wait for a response or follow up. With some places I was just under experienced and others it was probably just overlooked and it started to set some worry in the overall scope of things. But sometimes you just have to reach out and ask around to see if opportunities are in the places you weren’t exactly looking at in the first place.

It wouldn’t be until emailing Professor Nicolaou about my situation that would bring into motion a mention of a non profit that was looking for interns over the summer. So I got to work researching the organization before sending off the email to the supervisor and waited for a response back. Promptly after receiving a message back about setting up an online interview I prepared myself to take on any questions that may be asked of me. Overall the interview went pretty well and I get to start along side the Internship’s class Week 1.

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