Role Model Mentor

I’ve learned a lot from my peers during this internship, especially so from the organization’s Founder and my Supervisor. They’ve provided so much new information about the inner workings behind the scenes in making their projects run and what avenues to address to making sure they follow through with an event. Certainly didn’t know about having to set up a bond for any kind of giveaway that exceeds $5000 and will keep that in mind if I ever decide to pitch any idea like that in the future. The interesting takeaways from each meeting certainly helped to understand what needed to be accomplished during the week and for that I’m thankful that the higher ups conveyed their plans clearly.

Even when I had questions of my own and brought them up; if they could not give me an answer they would direct me to someone on the team who could. The organization has their finger on the pulse of their company and knows their team well. The feeling of having grown a bit within the Graphic Design field has to be a product of mentors who understand and are willing the teach the ins and outs of where they are at.

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