Ethics in Graphic Design 1

1A) When it comes down to using the company’s logo they have set guidelines to be followed. The company also does have an assortment of assets to use for either advertisements and social media use. In any event we were encouraged to create assets as well as long as they fit within the guidelines set within the guidebook. In my case most of the work tends to lean to created within the themes of the company as well as handling company information to be redesigned for their cliental.

1B) My internship did not require me to sign any form of NDA or confidentiality form. For the most part with having to design campaign decks for the organization; information has strictly been shared with my supervisor and no one else. I have no intention of letting that information becoming public since its been made available to me weeks into my internship term to keep a professional courtesy.


Design Business Ethics – AIGA.

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