Throughout all the hours spent communicating with my colleagues, trying out new skills, and figuring solutions for problems this internship has been eye opening for me. I’ve taken the time to set up meetings in a professional manner and tried to very best of my ability to maintain that level throughout the past 6 weeks. I’ve start to shed away the critical nature that I noticed would hold me back in the past where as I should have stuck with gut and pushed an idea forward. If an idea is met with a decline at the end of the day than its back to drawing board but I’ve found myself enjoying the process of designing more and more rather than trying to fight over a single idea.

This internship has had step out of the usual work and started introducing me into a more public domain that I never really had experience in. I need to work on it some more to truly make strides for future endeavors. I hope overall that everyone I’ve worked with has an impression that I want to be here. To cultivate this I will need to keep learning, keep taking risks, and keep listening to those who have knowledge to impart.

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