About the Organization

The place I am currently working for is a Non-Profit Organization that deals in raising money for charities ( Cause Marketing ). They aim to keep an eye on audience interests and try to get influencers involved with putting out the word about their organization. Currently they are trying different avenues and expanding their domain into raising the numbers for donations towards their causes since they are partnered with several different charities.

In the work sense this organization holds there meetings with everyone to be updated on what is occurring every week. The company founder has been able to take time to give feedback on some of our work that gets presented and has explained his reasoning about those decisions. And the work flow has been a constant flow of work coming in week to week with everyone posting and having their work visible so we can keep a concise vision in our work for their current projects. Overall every week has brought something new to look at and our team is trying to figure out ways to make it understandable to a bigger audience through our work.


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