My Responsibilities

Most of responsibilities stem from trying to get a hold of influencers and celebrities to take interest in putting the word about our organization. Whether it comes down to creating banners or videos it certainly has pushed out of my comfort zone. Typically within the week my responsibility is to meet in with the company team either once or twice a week as well as setting up a 1 on 1 meeting with my supervisor. And since everything is taking place online it definitely differs from the in company office situation and takes some getting accustomed to.

Trying to reach out to influencers has never been a thing I tried before especially reaching out with a pitch. So I devised a way to incorporate Design into said message and talked about my approach to my supervisor and the company founder as well. Right now I’ve worked on creating elements from scratch, storyboarding how I want to play it out, and animating them through Adobe After Effects. Taking on the task individually has certainly helped me understand the way I wish to tie my interests with providing visual solutions to the company I’m working for.

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